World Eye Organization 世界眼科组织
  World Eye Organization 世界眼科组织
WEO's inception ceremony : "Macau's Splendar – China's Glory" Charity Gala

Dr. Dominic Man-Kit Lam

Thanks to the wonderful support and assistance from people including leaders of the Xinhua News Agency, members from the Committee for Macao Returning to Motherland, philanthropists from Hong Kong and Macao, people who care about the blind and the eye-care, and friends from the entertainment industry, under the joint sponsorship of “World Eye Organization” and “Macao Chinese Culture and Art Association”, I announce the successful conclusion of “Macao Spender – China’s Glory” Charity Gala.

We are here to celebrate three very special events and thus Three Happiness: Macao returning to China, the 50th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, and the upcoming millieum. We would like, at this historical conjunction, to announce the establishment of the “World Eye Organization” (WEO), making this charity gala Four Happiness. WEO aims to carry out the charitable spirits of our Chinese people, to promote the awareness of prevention and treatment of the blind, to contribute to the well-being of the society through rediscovering light projects. Furthermore, all donations from this gala will be used either to the blind who need urgent medical care, or to regions that need mostly for awareness promotion for prevention and treatment of eye disease. The donation will enable more blind to rediscover light, to see the country of the new century and a new Macao after returning to its motherland. The donation will help people be more closer to their family and the society, to be more productive in building a prosperous new China.

WEO is an international, not-for-profit organization with no political affiliation. It was founded by some accomplished ophthalmologists, philanthropists, business leaders and civil activists. The organization is dedicated to preventing and treating eye diseases by fully utilizing supports and resources from all walks of life, to encourage active involvement from interested parties, and to relish the potential of science and technology. It is the goal of WEO to release the pain suffered from eye diseases. To do that, WEO will do its very best to work with the caring hearts of many people, to use their donations for the sole benefit of the blind. Together with other similar global charitable organizations, WEO will strive to increase and popularize the overall level of global eye treatment standard, to research more effective ways to reduce eye diseases. WEO will also make best of the resources to promote technology in preventing eye diseases. WEO will encourage the establishment of eye-bank for donated corneas. Out of the love towards the Chinese people who is nearly a quarter of the global population, WEO will initially select five million blind and thousands of other eye patients as its rediscovering light project to commence its global program.

On behalf of WEO I urge philanthropists and civil activists to act now to support our cause to prevent and cure eye diseases.

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