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  World Eye Organization 世界眼科组织
WEO "Bliss of Vision" Art Exhibitions

To realize WEO's mission of making prevention and treatment of eye diseases in China possible is a huge challenge that would take years of hard work to achieve.

The program does not only call for a substantial stream of funds but also the support from the government and the mass public, resulting from the realization of the importance of eye health.

Since inception, WEO has conducted a series of "Bliss of Vision" Art Exhibitions in an endeavor to educate the public about the importance of eye care as well as to raise awareness of WEO and its programs.

As a result, not only more people would understand and support the work of WEO but also revenues and donations will go directly into WEO programs.

In Visual Art, Everything Begins with Healthy Eyes:
Dominic Lam’s Exhibition for World Eye Organization
by Dr Patrick C P Ho, Secretary for Home Affairs, Hong Kong

The orderly rhythm and changes of the world are so vivid and dramatic that they always provide a feast of beauty to our eyes when and where they unfold.

The four seasons, mountains and rivers, sunset, the wood, mist, clouds, each of them is marvelous in its own way. Together they also form an extraordinary piece of music of Nature, which is ever-changing, lively and inspiring.

Combining science and art, Dominic Lam discovered a novel painting medium and through his semi-abstract images, his visions spring to life on photopaper. His works have lent new impetus to the traditional arts.

Painting is a form of visual art, whose beauty is exclusive to the healthy eyes. The World Eye Organization is a charitable organization dedicated to the public education on eye protection and to prevention and treatment of eye diseases. Only with clear eyes can we perceive the artist’s vision as manifested in the painting. May we experience this pleasant journey with our eyes and soul.

Last but not least, I wish the WEO Bliss of Vision Exhibition every success. I would also like to extend my gratitude to Dominic Lam, an artist-cum-philanthropist, for his generosity in donating all proceeds from the exhibition to the WEO for ophthalmic education, prevention and treatment of eye diseases and community service.


Chronology of WEO "Bliss of Vision" Art Exhibitions

1999.12.18 WEO "Bliss of Vision I" Art Exhibition, Landmark, Macau
2003.10.09 WEO "Bliss of Vision II" Art Exhibition, The Exchange Square, Hong Kong
WEO "Bliss of Vision III" Art Exhibition, Lee Gardens of the Hysan Group,Hong Hong
WEO "Bliss of Vision IV" Art Exhibition, Shanghai Doulun Museum of Modern Art, P.R.C
2005.06.30 WEO "Bliss of Vision V" Art Exhibition, Shanghai Plaza 66, P.R.C
2005.12.31 WEO "Bliss of Vision VI" Art Exhibition, Lee Gardens of the Hysan Group,Hong Hong
2006.06.22 WEO “Bliss of Vision VII” Art Exhibition, Linda Art Museum, Beijing
2006.08.05 WEO “Bliss of Vision VIII” Art Exhibition, Country Art Museum, Hong Kong
2007.01.04 WEO “Bliss of Vision IX” Art Exhibition, Lee Gardens, Hong Kong
2007.05.26 WEO “Bliss of Vision X” Art Exhibition, Imperial City Art Museum, Beijing
2008.08.22 WEO “Bliss of Vision XI” Art Exhibition, Times Square, Hong Kong
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