World Eye Organization 世界眼科组织
The collaborative relationship between WEO and the Chinese Association of Ophthalmology

WEO has successfully entered into agreement with the Chinese Association of Ophthalmology on May 9, 2002, at the BJ Diaoyutai State Guest House in Beijing.

The collaborative relationship is instrumental to WEO for making initiatives :

- to help the World Health Organization ( WHO ) realize the mission of "Vision 2020 : the Right to See".
- to roll out WEO's eye disease prevention and treatment programs in China in fulfillment of our mission : "Bliss of Vision for Everyone".
- to promote and facilitate co-operation and sharing of knowledge and information between China's ophthalmologic professionals and their global counterparts.

Ongoing projects in China include :

  1. bringing eye diseases prevention and treatment programs, initially focusing on prevention and treatment of cataract, such as establishing WEO Centers to the poor regions of China
  2. providing training to cataract surgeons and their deployment
  3. conducting basic ophthalmologic research with emphasis on eye diseases that are common or unique in China

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